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The 620th CSSB promotes its last privates
By 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Public Affairs
Jan 27, 2010 - 6:27:17 PM
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Blackanthem Military News

Blackanthem Military News
Pfc. Charles Powell, from Arlington, Ind., and Pfc. Robert Francis III, from Eldon, Mo., network managers with the 620th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 96th Sustainment Brigade are promoted by Company First Sergeant, 1st Sgt. Dwayne Robinson and Company Commander, Capt. Crystal Tate, both St. Louis Mo. natives. The two specialists were the last privates in the unit before getting promoted on Dec. 22.
CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq - On Dec. 22, the last privates under the Headquarters and Headquarters Co. of the 620th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 96th Sustainment Brigade were promoted to specialist inside the unit’s dining facility.  Spc. Charles Powell, from Arlington, Ind., and Spc. Robert Francis III, from Eldon, Mo., were promoted.
HHC Commander, Capt. Crystal Tate and Company First Sergeant, Sgt. Dwayne Robinson, both natives of St. Louis, Mo., were happy to promote the Soldiers.  "These Soldiers have worked very hard to meet the requirements for this advancement and I was extremely pleased to bestow more rank and responsibility upon them," said Tate.

According to Powell, he hopes to someday become a noncommissioned officer in the Army, while Francis is looking forward to becoming an officer and switching from Reserves to the Active Army.

The new rank has affected both Soldiers, and their families. "My wife was very happy that I accomplished something I've worked hard to get. My family has been very supportive of my dreams and goals all my life. This is just another step that I have taken to fulfill my goal of making the military a bigger part of my life, and my dream to provide for my family," said Francis. 

"I believe that being a specialist, NCO's and officers look at you and task you knowing that you will get the job done and not baby step you through it," Powell said.   The added perk that both Soldiers will enjoy is sharing additional duties with the rest of the specialists in the unit, since traditionally extra work is assigned from the lowest ranking members up, according to Francis.

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