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Tallil, Iraq
Oct 16, 2007 - 11:51:46 AM
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Tallil Air Base is located in southeastern Iraq, approximately 160 miles southeast of Baghdad and 140 miles northwest of Kuwait City. This facility had a prominent role during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War. Fighter-attack aircraft and helicopters from Tallil conducted numerous strikes against Iranian targets some using chemical weapons. Tallil has two major runways and associated support facilities, including hardened bunkers to shelter aircraft and aircraft ordnance. This base also has one of the S-shaped bunkers which, at the time, was assessed to store chemical weapons.

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26 May 2011, 21:53
SIL recently deployed to Tallil. Would like information on what is needed/desired for care packages to him/others over there.

Martin Strange
12 May 2011, 13:32
Those of you who have children "deploying" to Tallil, don't worry. This place is safer than Disney Land.
08 May 2011, 08:09
My son just arrived there this past week. This is his first deployment and I pray for him and all the other soldiers there for a safe return.... God Bless all of you!!!
06 May 2011, 07:25
my husband has been there since march of this year and he is with the 1st cav. division out of ft. hood texas. i pray everyday for the safety of him and all the soldiers that are over there trying to make changes where alot of people arent up for change. I LOVE YOU SPC. BONNER TODAY..... TOMORROW.... ALWAYS!!!!! love your wife and kids back home in Ft. Hood Texas!!!
31 Mar 2011, 21:45
There is a facebook page for Tallil, its updated quite regularly, might be helpful to get more information. Ill be there myself in a few months
24 Mar 2011, 08:38
My only daughter is station their and very proud of her. I pray the blessings of the Lord surround her, her angels keep her alert and the Lord protect her from any hurt, harm or danger and bring her home safely with the rest of the troops. In Jesus name
Momma T
12 Mar 2011, 18:11
I have a daughter that will be deployed there in a couple of months can anyone please give me an update on the situation? It sure would put this momma's mind at ease to know what she is going into.
Thank You
07 Mar 2011, 13:49
My daughter will be deployed to Tallil in September of 2011. Can anyone give me info as to what the conditions are there? This is her first deployment as she has just finished basic training and AIT in January.
Hal Gardner
26 Jan 2011, 19:06
Looking forward to receiving background info. My daugter deploys soon.
16 Jan 2011, 11:49
My son is there want to be updated please
16 Jan 2011, 11:46
My son is in Tallil want to be updated on conditions there please
03 Sep 2010, 11:13
I am trying to find a phone number to contact the legal dept or the MP's at the Ali (Tallil) Air Base (Camp Adder). It is extremely important that I contact one of these departments. Please help!
06 Aug 2010, 06:18
This base is a joke. People walk around in shorts and t shirts all day long and play volleyball outside. Only used as support operations for the rest of southern Iraq. There's nothing going on here except for the Air Force flying troops here and there.. It has a huge PX where you can buy flat screen TVs and everything has air conditioning. Going to Iraq hardly ever entails combat anymore people...especially when you're stationed on an Air Base
John M Jones
14 Jul 2010, 16:05
Tallil is a ok place to be in iraq... I was stationed there from sep. 06-nov 07 there where plenty of activities when I was there and I am sure there are more now!! Hopefully they have slowed down on the mortar attacks
Cornell wilson
13 Apr 2010, 07:55
Is their an education center at Tilil?
interested in Tallil, son just got there
22 Mar 2010, 05:58
Son in Kuwait, getting ready to go to Tallil. Just need information.
26 Jan 2010, 16:41
all of you need to be carful of what you speak of about this air base. the chemical weapons once stored here are no longer here and is no longer used. the chemical ali building and its surrounding grounds are contaminated with chemicals and bio-hazardous waste. you spouses and service members also need to stop saying...ooh im stationed there or oooh my husband/boyfriend is there. think OPSEC!!!
Florence M. Morrison
21 Dec 2009, 20:35
Grandson headed to Tallil on his 3rd mission to Iraq. Would like updates on news in the area.
08 Dec 2009, 22:52
our guys are also there now
denise harrison
25 Oct 2009, 16:50
I have a friend that maybe in this area working for the next year.
20 Oct 2009, 07:53
interested in updates, boyfriend and many good friends are headed there.
25 Sep 2009, 18:04
My grandson is going there
31 Aug 2009, 12:46
SGT Soman not alot just some brief history on this location i found on the internet my husband is closed mouthed about his doings there. let me know if you find out anything. Thank You and take care of yourself you will be in my prayers.
SGT Roman
28 Aug 2009, 06:54
Actually Toni can you give me some info on this site.
SGT Roman
28 Aug 2009, 06:52
Amy I am interested in knowing what Tallil has. I need to know about the medical support on the base looks like as my unit might deploy there soon.
Toni Mcneill
27 Aug 2009, 08:22
I have a husband working There
Ali Abdel Mohsen
14 Aug 2009, 11:47
We are a company based in Maysan province near the Iraqi Rafidain (Group companies and partner companies dragonfly resonance faith) looking forward to working with our friends the Americans and all organizations that wish to extend a helping hand to the Iraqi people and we are ready to cooperate with you in the ways of building a free and prosperous Iraq. Greetings to all who help the Iraqi people. High Director - Ali Abdel Mohsen
29 Jul 2009, 22:07
Interested in Tallil, husband stationed in the area.
19 Jul 2009, 19:13
interested on updates re Tallil as I have a friend working there
Annalisa Tapia
01 Jun 2009, 21:22
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